18th WBOC 2023 – Bulletin 2

1. Program – General information

Training at Wednesday 9th of August. (Arrival is possible one or two days earlier.)


Wednesday 9:th of August:  Training orienteering and shooting.

Compulsory instruction day for those who are not active biathlon orienteers and/or have little rifle experience

Opening ceremony.

Thursday 10th of August: Classic distance

Friday 11th of August: Sprint distance, free time for tourism, banquet & price giving ceremony.

Saturday 12th of August: Relay, price giving ceremony, event closing.

2. Accommodation & food

The accommodation mainly consists of full equipped cabins of different categories and price ranges, even hotel accommodation is available at Pernilla Wiberg Hotel. Bookings directly at Idrefjäll.

For prices and booking go to www.idrefjall.se (Inform that the booking applies the WBOC 2023.)

There will be possible to buy food, served at the restaurant “Wärdshuset” in the central building and it will be booked when you are booking the accommodation.

Fully pension for adult 480 SEK, (breakfast, lunch, dinner)
Youth 8-12 year 320 SEK

Half pension for adult 355 SEK adult price (lunch, dinner),
Youth 8-12 year 240 SEK.

3. Banquet

At Friday evening there will be a banquet for all active participants, accompanying persons & children, as well as officials & competition management

During the banquet the price giving ceremony for classic and sprint will be hold.

The banquet will cost 395 SEK for adults and 250 SEK for kids up to year of 14. The banquet will consist a main course with a local flavor and dessert with coffee or tea.

4. Classes, and entry fee

Classic and sprintClassesEntry fee 
Team WBOCM/W21, M/W20310 SEK/ person 
Veteran WBOCM/W35, M/W40 M/W45, M/W50 M/W55, M/W60 M/W65, M/W70 M/W75310 SEK/person   
Other classes (Not WBOC)M/W21B, M/W16310 SEK/participant 
Team WBOCM21 W21930 SEK/team 620 SEK/ team3 athletes 2 athletes
Team WBOCM20 W20620 SEK/team 620 SEK/team2 athletes 2 athletes
Veteran WBOCM70, W70 M95, W95 M120, W120620 SEK/team 620 SEK/team 620 SEK/team2 athletes (In all classes)
Other Classes (Not WBOC)Mix Class620 SEK/team2 athletes

Classic distance:          

Competition sequence:  Location orienteering – orienteering – shooting – finish.


Competition sequence:  Orienteering – prone shooting – orienteering – standing shooting – finish.


Competition sequence:  Orienteering – prone shooting – orienteering – standing shooting – finish.

All teams consist of two participants except M21-teams which consists of three.

Master-teams: Total age of team participants, (based on year of birth)

Mix-teams: two participants, no restriction of age or nationality.

5. Competition information

Arena: Idrefjäll Biathlon shooting range. (See annex 1)

Embargo:  The competition area is embargoed for training and competition until the WBOC 2023 has been arranged. See the definition of the exact embargoed area on the map (see annex 2) and on the Swedish entry system Eventor.

Race area: It will be located at Idre Fjäll. Compared with the map over the embargoed area.

Map & terrain: Scale 1:10 000 and 1:7 500

There will be mountain terrain, open calf mountain, birch forest and old fine spruce forest, tricky rock sections, fast slopes and small hilly pine forest.

Competition rules: All competition according to IBOF international rules.

Control system: SportIdent. 

Weapon & ammunition: .22 long rifle (calibre 5,6x15R). All participant bring their own weapon and ammunition.

Target system: Self marking targets, Kurvinen.

6. Registration / Entries

Registration to WBOC 2023 is done with the entry form and then sending it to anmalan@foreningenorienteringsskyttarna.se

The invitation and other information can also be found at the Swedish entry system Eventor. Be hold that the registration to the WBOC 2023 shall be made via the entry form.

The entry shall be received prior to the 3 of July 2023.

The payments for the competitions and the banquet shall be credited to the organizer’s account not later than 27:th of july.


Föreningen Orienteringsskyttarna.  For Swedish competitors BG 891-9821.

For competitors outside Sweden

Iban-konto: SE97 5000 0000 0502 1102 4880


7. Insurance

Competitors participate at their own risk. Insurance against accidents on health or equipment is the responsibility of the competitors, according to national regulations.

8. Organisation and contact

Competition leader: Per Andén. 

Shooting leader: Hans Mandahl.

Course setter orienteering: Robert Johansson

Information: Hans Mandahl. German, English

Information: Per Andén Swedish, English, (Danish)

All correnspondance will be held via: info@foreningenorienteringsskyttarna.se

At the website: www.foreningenorienteringsskyttarna.se all information also will be found.

Download the WBOC Bulletin 2 (PDF)