IBOF World Cup 2023 and more

IBOF World Cup 2023. Actual standing after 8 competitions, and invitation to World Cup #9 and Relay in Denmark October 5th and 6th (registration deadline Sep 25th).

Dear Biathlon Orienteering friends,

I hope that you are enjoying the late summer and early fall.

a) The Biathlon Orienteering season continues for another couple of months, with three more individual competitions in the IBOF Biathlon Orienteering World Cup. 

Standing after 8 competitions, 


1. Johan Runesson, SWE, 182 points

2. Antti Iivari, FIN, 178 p

3. Martin Jansson, SWE, 148 p


1. Karin Stenback, SWE, 192 points

2. Marie Fred, FIN, 181 p

3. Hilda Kukonlehto, FIN, 145 p

Please find the actual standing in the link http://biathlon.dk/images/world-cup/Biathlon%20Orienteering%20World%20Cup%202023.pdf 

Of the total of eleven competitions, a maximum of seven competitions will be counted in the total.

b) The next World Cup competitions will be held in Denmark, October 5th and 6th (Thursday and Friday), in Varde on the Danish’ southwest coast of Jutland. 

Thursday Oct 5th, Classic distance, IBOF World Cup #9 and Danish Championships

Friday Oct 6th, Relay (not World Cup), Danish Championships

Please find the invitation here: https://www.biathlon.dk/images/staevner-dansk/2023/DM-klassisk/Invitation-05-06-OCT-DM.pdf

and all other information here: https://www.biathlon.dk/index.php/dm-i-bo-klassisk-stafet-i-varde-indbydelse

Please note that the registration deadline to the competitions is Monday September 25th !

c) In November, Saturday-Sunday Nov 4th-5th, the last World Cup competitions and the final will be organised in Denmark on northern Jutland. 

Please see www.biathlon.dk for the coming invitation. 

d) Next year’s World Biathlon Orienteering Championships, WBOC 2024, will be organised in Denmark.

Competition days: Thursday to Saturday, August 8th to10th. 

Bulletin/flyer for WBOC 2024: https://www.biathlon.dk/images/staevner-dansk/2024/Flyer%20WM%202024.pdf

I hope to see you there!

Best regards, Hans Mandahl